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Countdown to It's Yates Springtime at Araluen Tulip Festival featuring Turkish and Dutch cultura

With only one week to go, the countdown is on for It's Yates' Springtime at Araluen Tulip Festival, beginning on Saturday the 23rd of August running through to the 21st of September. The Turkish and Dutch Consulates together with the Turkish Australian Culture House Inc are partnering with Araluen Botanic Park to bring a Dutch and Turkish theme to its Spring Festival. The Concourse lawn area has been transformed and now features a canal, minaret, tulip display beds, silhouette of Dutch and Turkish buildings and of course the Grand Marquee. The Grand Marquee will feature the history of the tulips in a stunning display taking you on a journey from Turkey to the Netherlands and finally to the first tulips planted at Araluen 80 years ago. Over the 4 weeks of the festival there will be food, music and dance from the Turkish and Dutch communities. The Roleystone Musicians Club will also be involved with members playing during the weekends of the festival Each weekend there will be Turkish Folk Dance, Oriental dance, Turkish Music, Turkish food, tea and coffee-cup reading and art and handcraft displays. TACH are still welcoming anyone who wishes to volunteer their time to help with any of the Turkish cultural activities. We looking forward to seeing you there!

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