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Happy National Sovereignty and Children's Day!

23 Nisan Ulusal Egemenlik ve Çocuk Bayramımızın 101 i yılı kutlu olsun! Happy National Sovereignty and Children's Day! Today Turkey commemorates the foundation of the Grand National Assembly of Turkey, on 23 April 1920. The holiday which was also devoted to all children of the world by Atatürk.

Unfortunately, due to the just announced COVID-19 related lockdown, the first week of Term 2 Turkish Saturday School is cancelled. Our planned Children's Day activities for the school will postponed to next Saturday, as long as restrictions are lifted.

This year, the TACH Turkish Saturday School was invited to send a Children's Day message to fellow Turkish language school, Stuttgart Türk Okul Aile Birliği Derneği (STEB), in Stuttgart, Germany. School students visited King's Park last Saturday to record a message which you can see at the link below:

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